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Legal assessment of risks of apartment purchase in the new building

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Make your investment safe!

In 2016, there were about 4,000 incomplete construction facilities of residential buildings in Ukraine. In more than a half of abovementioned facilities, construction works have been stopped, or such facilities have been even mothballed.

The main reasons of problems arise in implementation of real estate unit:

  • commitment of construction fraud by the parties of facilities implementation;
  • insufficient funding of construction facilities;
  • inappropriate use of funds raised for construction;
  • stoppage of construction works due to lack of required documents for construction and/ or violation of urban planning legislation;
  • impossibility to connect the building to utility services;
  • use by construction parties of schemes for raising funds not provided for by law;
  • lawsuits that affect the successful implementation of facilities;
  • lack of clear regulation of legal relations between participants in the construction process.

Please note! The most vulnerable party of relations in construction is a private investor. As of today, there are more than 300,000 affected investors in Ukraine who have invested in construction (persons who directly or indirectly affected).

Now, in fact, there are no effective ways and mechanisms regulated by law for refund from the problem project.

Do not let them to mislead you! The notary does not verify the validity of transaction, availability of documents for construction and the character of the project participants! But we do!

We will make the facility of your investment clear!

Why us?

  • 9 years of experience in the field of construction law.
  • We rank among top 100 of law firms in Ukraine.
  • Two skilled real estate lawyers carry out analysis at once.
  • We do provide only relevant and true information. Annexes to the written opinion shall be copies of documents and other sources of information that have been used in our work.
  • Proper presentation of the results of work. You shall get an expedient written opinion with explanations of legal nuances of investing in the project.
  • We do appreciate your time. We obtain all required documents for verification ourselves.
  • We do not only point to the risk aspects of investment for an investor and the unfair (illegal) provisions of the agreement, but also provide professional references to reduce them.
  • We provide an investor with a safe wording of the agreement proposed by the developer.
  • You shall promptly receive the ordered service. The time of the service provision shall be from 1 working day.
  • It is favorable to deal with us. Work with customers can be carried out both at personal meetings and remotely.
  • The results of our work shall be provided in PowerPoint presentation where you can get answers to questions you have under the ordered services.

You can watch your money with us!

By alienating the apartment in the “secondary” market, the customer without hesitations shall give the realtor up to 5% of the apartment’s value, while the latter does not analyze the legal security of such an agreement.

However, by investing in a new building, buyers shall spare their money for the assistance of a skilled lawyer to carry out a legal analysis of investment safety, thereby posing risks to 100% of the total invested funds.

Making investments in your own residential property is a responsible step, to which you should take a balanced approach. Secure yourself from problem building projects, rely verification of legality on real professionals!

Подготовка письменного юридического вывода по конкретному объекту 6000 грн

Устная консультация юриста 500 грн

Представление юристом Ваших интересов на переговорах (выезд) от 1500 грн

Constructive Lawyers law firm specializes in construction law and real estate.

Since 2008, our lawyers have been successfully defending the interests of persons affected by poor investments in construction of real estate facilities in courts and other state authorities.

Having a huge experience in this field, we offer you to assess the risks of investing in construction of residential and/or commercial real estate prior to signing an agreement with the developer.

In this regard you had better take advice of one of our lawyers in due time and carry out legal analysis of a future transaction.

Subject to your unique needs, we are ready to offer various types of assistance and “within the pocket”: from one-time advice or analysis of the agreement to a full range of legal analysis of investing in construction of residential and/or commercial real estate.

Please call us on a phone number +380 (44) 599-50-53 or arrange an appointment to take advice by filling in the form on the top of the page, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Make profitable investments!

During our work

Over 626 construction facilities were analyzed

More than 732 satisfied customers who were helped to make the right decision

We saved about 37 million UAH of our customers

At least 1160 skilled advices were taken


Отдельно хочется выделить оперативность подготовки экспертного отчета (с учетом моих пожеланий о сроках), подробный устный комментарий по каждому из пунктов отчета, тщательный подход к исследованию деталей проекта договора, предложенного застройщиком, объективность.


Юристы компании сработали быстро. Объяснили все риски, которые были. В результате удалось избежать покупки рискованного объекта. Обращался уже два раза.


Очень понравилось работа. Юристы сами собирали нужный пакет документов и общались с застройщиком. Помимо устной консультации направили все замечания к договору, который предлагал подписать застройщик.


Юристы компании присутствовали на подписании договора. В результате, были внесены правки, которые помогли защитить мои интересы. Доволен.

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